So you know those moments that some people chalk up to coincidence. Not me I rely on those lovely messages from the universe. Even though I'm always looking, waiting and anticipating these moments it still always amazes me at the divine timing of it all. So here are some signs to push into following your Soul

  • Do you see repeating number patterns? Are they doubles, triples or quadruples?

  • Do you randomly see these numbers on license plates? It's funny because I always say I have license plates tourettes. Riding in a car with me can sometimes be quite annoying. Yet I always get the messages I need from the universe.

  • Do you notice other patterns? divine messages don't always come in numbers sometimes it's letters, people, places, animals, life and even death.

For the next few days focus on the whisper in your Soul. Drink plenty of water. Meditate consistently and pay attention to what the Universe is saying to you. We are all connected yet all have our own individual purpose. Dig those feet into the earth and allow your truth to run through you.

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