• Sonya Diaz

Solar Eclipse and Energy

So many of you know that today June 10th is solar eclipse, but what you may not know is that a solar eclipse is when the new moon, the sun and the earth are in perfect alignment or what you would call a straight line. This is a perfect time to reflect on your current in the now truth, reflecting on the past and setting intentions for moving forward in a positive direction.

Using that universal energy when it's at it's strongest to focus on your being, do the inner work to illuminate that light that shines within each of us. Keeping with the universal energetic shift, we also have three planets that are in retrograde at the current moment and a total of 5 by the end of June. Woohoo Powerful! Let's use that energetic pull to ground and stand in your beliefs fully becoming aware and present in living your truth.

The three planets in retrograde are Pluto (even though it's really not considered a planet anymore). Saturn, and Mercury. And by the end of the month the other 2 planets that will enter retrograde will be Jupiter and Neptune. What does all this mean you may wonder, Well each planet holds a specific energy and exudes differently throughout each of us. Use your inner knowing and thoughts to see what you perceive. Take Notes my friends. Sometimes our feelings and emotions aren't ours! Can you tell the difference?


* take extra time to meditate and set your intentions clearly

* self care do something that truly brings you joy

* go inward, reflect on your past and all the things that put you right where you are

* Make peace with the past and focus on the future

* get out in nature take some deep breaths

* appreciate with full gratitude that you are ALIVE