• Sonya Diaz

Reality or Perception

Our minds are creative, deceptive, and many other things. Our minds create stories or scenarios to justify our actions. Ego plays a huge part in how the mind works. Knowing all this and more we still use our perception to create our reality. Is the reality we create actual reality? I’m guessing not, or maybe it can be if enough perceive that same reality. Most people expand their minds with books or Tv, but did you know you can expand your mind by meditation. A regular meditation routine not only calms your mind to create less stress and mess but also connects you to a different reality. (one your mind didn’t create) Did you know every living thing can connect and communicate? Some of us try to live from a place of no judgement. How many of us actually live from that place? Years ago I tried this simple technique and now I’d like to share this little experiment with you. It’s a lot easier since we have smart phones these days and they have a place to store notes. Yes, finally a real reason to use that app.

  • For one week I would like you to participate in a little experiment. I call it conscious living. Begin by paying attention to your thoughts and interactions. Then simply jot in the notes every time you had a judgmental thought. At the end of the week go back and read it. Now all those judgments reflect on them only towards yourself.

I can tell you what you see in another is a reflection of who you are. Reality or Perception hmmmmm.

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