• Sonya Diaz

OMG! That is All!

So are you wondering what the title is OMG? Well I had my first ever experience in a Harmonic Egg! The owners of the egg do a consultation with you prior to entering the egg vessel. My only words are OMG! I, of course as you know left nothing out in my consultation. Let me tell you my experience was phenomenal! As you know I’m on a constant healing journey and my purpose is to help others achieve peace, joy and happiness in their lives. Wow, do I ever recommend time in the Harmonic Egg. So, I kept an open mind but I still had a preconceived expectation. You know, the mind creates those regardless! My experience, along with my intention was blown away!!!!! I can tell you, I want and need to this on a regular basis. I can put a similar feeling of the most awesome Yoga Nidra experience, as part of my experience. Yet, an unexplainable feeling of total bliss and relaxation. I know everyone experiences something different as that it is individualize or shall I say personalized for each person. My Goodness! I am overjoyed with my experience. So I had to share!

#selfcare #healing #harmonicegg #blessed #wow

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