New Year

Going into the New Year and breaking the patterns of old habits, sounds good right? Well the desire to change anything is the first step. When beginning a new practice remember to start small don't jump in over your head. Here's a few steps to keep you focused on the goals you set.

  1. Set reasonable goals! Yes it's ok to dream big but each step has to be attainable or the mind will create a story to feed the ego, which will create excuses.

  2. Start small on making changes. Maybe you want to add to your daily routine or change it completely, or maybe you are just starting a daily routine. Write it down as in what would your normal day look like if you actually lived your daily routine.

  3. Set the intention to live what you wrote down (making sure it's not overwhelming and totally feasible) Changing shouldn't be stressful but if it's not achievable adjust, remember you are human and anything worth having is hard work. The easy way is the ego keeping you trapped in your old ways.

  4. Remember this was your desire no one is forcing you to do anything. Make sure that the goals you set are in alignment with what you, yourself want to create.

  5. If you find that you can't keep up with the goals you set, adjust and notice what's stopping you, forgive yourself and begin again.

"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change" - Wayne W. Dyer

#justbeyou #liveyourlife #happinessisinyou

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