• Sonya Diaz

New Moon/Solar Eclipse

As many of us, I am feeling, falling and embracing the energetic shifts of both my internal and external worlds. Just as the tides always change so does everything else in this material and non material world. Some of you may be following my journey, some of you just peek in when it's convenient (which is perfectly ok) and some may have just happened to fall upon this by chance. Well guess what I'm thankful for it all.

Today 12/14/2020

New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Today makes me wanna sing that Total eclipse of the heart lol

Here's to fresh approach to a new beginning connecting us with the teacher within us, using our intuitive wisdom and allowing our inner being or our true self/soul self to guide us.

Staying connected to the light within and embracing the shadows. Loving Yourself, your entire self with zero attachment, expectations or judgements will allow what is to be.

We sometimes feel as if we need to be doing or staying positive but that is not the case. We need to understand ourselves, others and with grace and gratefulness bring peace and spread peace both internally and externally.

Use this time to continue embracing what it is that your soul self needs.

Powerful beings we are!

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