• Sonya Diaz

Living from a place of Gratitude

I know it may sound corny to some of you, but how often do we take this life for granted? I know for me it took me a long time to come up with what works for me on a consistent level in an ever changing world. As I get older I also notice living from a place of gratitude has become much easier and almost inevitable. We all have ups and downs, good days and bad days, but how we approach everyday situations is an important factor. Start with awareness. You may be thinking duh I'm aware I know what's going on in my life. Well good, do you understand that your mind will create a feeling and cause your reaction? Now what if you were aware of what your mind was going to do and with that awareness you were able to change your reaction. Hmmmmm, sounds like an awareness exercise to me! So here we go.

  • finding a comfortable space to sit still or even lay on your back. Closing your eyes and relaxing your entire body. Begin to bring your awareness to your breath. Wait a minute don't stop there. If your mind begins to wonder keep bringing it back to focus on your breath (the inhales and the exhales)

While continuing to stay focused on your breath allow your body to feel safe and loved. Try attaching these words to your breath (Mantra) - I breath in " Gratitude and Peace" and on the exhale "I let go what no longer serves me.

Try this for 5 minutes everyday and please use the comments section to give feedback on how you feel

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