How Does Your Body Respond To The Collective Energy

Do you tend to feel anxious or burdened by anxiety? Do you feel sad, angry or happy for reasons unknown to you? Well, many people have these unexplained emotions and some have even been diagnosed with mental disorders. Do you believe in connected consciousnes? Don’t write it off as bs. Our bodies feel both the negative and positive energies of the collective, more often we as humans pick up on the negative before the positive. Why? Well it has to do with the way we eat, live and other social and entertainment activities. Most of us live by our senses and are constantly looking for the next best thing to pacify those senses. When we focus on living from a place of gratitude the positive energies of the world have a better chance of penetrating our well-being. Meditation helps to quite the mind, which reduces the need to attach to our senses.

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