• Sonya Diaz

Healing will Create more Time

So maybe you're skeptical of the title, but then again maybe it's just one of the belief systems that you possess. When I say healing, I'm pretty much saying that we all could use more love, compassion and understanding in this world. It begins with you! What are you doing to live the life you want and love? Sometimes our minds play tricks on us when it relates to time. We often say we don't have time to eat healthy or exercise or further our education. So what do you indulge in when you aren't working, sleeping or socializing? I mean most phones these days can track the use of your apps in a day. So start there! Below is a few tips to achieve more time in your busy life.

  1. Wake up earlier. I'm not saying lose sleep, just adjust your schedule.

  2. Notice how much time you spend on your phone (just idle scrolls and quick glances that all adds up. Now set a goal and a time of the day aside for unnecessary phone use and stick to your schedule

  3. Do you watch T.V? How much? Now limit that time to every other day for starters and only allow yourself certain hours and the content of the shows. Don't waste your life watching meaningless content

  4. Plan your day! I'm not saying plan every minute but by creating a schedule with a plan you will be able to achieve more free time

  5. Feel gratitude for the things you get to do! Most times we do things without a clear intention, which leads to discouragement. Or maybe we do things out of habit, are those habits healthy for growth or are you just living because you woke up.

  6. Meditate! Even if it's only for 5 minutes take that time to clear your mind and connect with your breath. I promise it won't hurt.

  7. Exercise even if it's quick stretching, reaching and turning your body. Get that blood moving.

  8. Invest in a plan to help you achieve your life's purpose. Maybe you want to learn something new, maybe it's something you always wanted to do but you think you should of done it already or it's too late or your just too old. So ask yourself these questions right now....

A. How old are you?

B. How old will you be in 1 year?

C. How old will you be in 5 years?

Now think about something you want to achieve and think how long it will take to get there. Does that make any difference? No, because you are going to be all of those ages regardless why not create your own journey on the way!

We have all been in a place in life where we feel there just isn't enough time, but I'm here to tell you there is always time! Time to start living your best life! Time to reset, refocus and regain control of your life. How does it get any better than this?

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