• Sonya Diaz

Full Moon

How does the moon affect you? Can you feel the changes physically, mentally or emotionally? Do you notice the correlation or never gave it much thought? Have you noticed your menstrual cycle is linked to either a Full Moon or a New Moon? In ancient times it was said that woman whose cycle was on the Full Moon were natural healers. We all know the Moon infl the tides of the ocean, so it’s effects on the human body are relevant (considering our bodies are 50-75% water). Are you thinking about this now? Maybe you’ve never put much thought into the moon or noticed the correlation of moods and or cycle. That’s ok too. If you want, I suggest journaling and draw your own hypothesis. The moon is very consistent and if you start making the connections on your own, you may get a better sense of self. Don’t take my word for it! Do the work, notice for yourself and be present.

I have always been fascinated by the moon in any phase. I love to look up at the sky and maybe you do too. Every Full Moon is special and if you decide to journal you will find your connection is unique, yet connected with all other beings. Sound fun yet? Here are a few things I personally do every full moon and depending on location. My favorite place for a full moon is definitely the ocean. You feel so much Universal Energy, but that’s not where I am today. I’ll leave that for you to try. So I always begin with a bowl of water and also a mason jar of water. I cleanse my crystals and make a circle around the mason jar. (Just my little ritual, you can create your own)

  • write down your intentions or things you would like to change or focus on for the month ahead. Be reasonable and Positive in your intention.

  • sit or lay down looking at the moon collecting that visual

  • Close your eyes and begin to meditate imagining the moon. Visualize the moon and bring you focus to your intentions.

  • Connect to the energy of the moon. Feel the energy. Be the energy.

After you finish you finish meditation you may feel more relaxed and have a greater sense of connection. Then with a grateful heart light your intentions on fire. You can then bury the ashes or just let them be. I like to play in the dirt. If I’m at the ocean I allow the ashes to be washed away. (Note ashes not paper, no need to pollute)

Maybe you feel like dancing or doing some yoga or both. Go ahead it’s your life! Live it!

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