• Sonya Diaz

Feeling Grounded

Happy Full Moon my friends, as we all know the full moon can bring an intense amount of energy and emotions. So how do we stay grounded? I know I personally I take time to respect and acknowledge the energy surrounding me, while engaging in grounding practices. How you may ask in this busy world we live in can we connect with ourselves daily. As always I'm going to say meditate is the foremost important. You don't like to meditate or you don't believe your doing it right or it just isn't comfortable for you. Well that sounds like you just don't want to or you don't believe it will help. You have way too much going on to meditate. Meditation doesn't have to feel like a chore. Just allow yourself a few minutes to calm your mind and not attach to the thoughts that enter. That my friend is meditation you can start by setting aside a brief 5 minutes just for you. I know you can do this because you are important. So honor your importance.

Today is August 3rd 2020 we have so much still bogging us down with the Covid-19 still looming over us and all the precautions and life changing practices we partake in to live a semi normal life. With Restaurants changing the dining experience, medical workers having to distance from their families to keep them safe. So many new rules in this free world. We must take time to ground into our natural state of mind.

I am personally excited to be sharing a yoga practice with you in the Salt Suite at Thermae Retreat tonight at 5:30 and again at 7pm upstairs at Evolving Door. I look forward to meeting you on your mat.

Salt and Yoga will have amazing benefits on the body. Salt ions purify the air and may increase lung capacity, while helping to reduce anxiety, stress and physical ailments. Combined with Yoga the possibilities are endless. Hope to see you there someday

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