• Sonya Diaz

Body Image

We all struggle with body image either all the time or at different times in our lives. maybe, we think we're too fat or too skinny or just plain not good enough. Maybe we think we need to try harder to achieve the body we desire or maybe we have just given up. Where ever you are in this process. Now is the time to make peace with it. I'm feeling all sorts of emotions today as I've decided to participate in the Unleashed Project. This is a therapeutic, social art project to help promote body positivity. I'm nervous, scared, feeling a bit empowered and hopeful that this will help me deal with the issues I have toward my current body. Myself like most of us as we age want to hold on to the body we use to have. No one told us that mysterious changes could occur and hormonal metamorphosis would be an understatement. My body began changing the moment I moved back to Ohio. I held so much negativity within my body, lost my creative passion, and pretty much my will to live. Nobody talks about these issues. I like many have good days and bad days. I have all the tools to get out the rut that I allow my mind to put me in, yet I still revert back to my body issues. I have decided maybe this is the 2020 version of me. So today I will embark on a new journey of body positivity and learning to love myself even more from the inside out.

So I wrote this before the experience and let me say I honestly think everyone should try this! I would do it again and again and again!

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