Being True Being You

So have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel light and joyful when expressing yourself and your emotions and other times these feelings are heavy? Well when you feel that heavy feeling that is a sign it isn't in alignment with your true self. Ever have that heavy feeling everyday? Maybe associated with a job or any particular interactions with certain people. So below are some example how to live a more authentic self life.

  • Meditate (I know, I pretty much say this everyday. Well, it's a very important practice!) I will continue to reiterate with love.

  • Ask yourself questions and listen to how your body feels when you answer your questions.

  • Do a body scan and notice how you feel before and after. (Did you notice you were holding tensions in places you rarely focus on)

  • Don't commit to things without feeling it as the right action. in other words, don't say yes to make someone else feel better.

  • Breathe - Did you know you can learn a lot about yourself by focusing on your breath?

So please feel free to add in the comments sections anything you do that helps you connect with your true self. I'd love to be interactive with you

#selfcare #authenticself #beyoubetrue


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