• Sonya Diaz

Begin Again

Updated: May 25, 2020

So maybe you are wondering why I say "begin again." It's a simple process, just think about it for one moment. How often do you commit to something, and actually do it. Maybe you commit to things and follow through when it pertains to other people, but how often do you commit to yourself. Wow that just hit you really hard, didn't it. Some people call it accountability. Truth! Simple steps to help you grow inside YOURSELF. I'm going to begin with a quick ahhh haaa moment. So you never question yourself again.

  • Begin with you, commit to you! The moment you get lazy with yourself is the moment you show others how to treat you. So you tell yourself you are going to start a daily meditation practice. You wake up and now you find yourself giving yourself excuses of time and all the reasons not to begin. Well how did that work for you? You probably wasted more time creating a story on why not to do it than the time it would've taken to invest 5 minutes into yourself. Ah Ha! Did I hit the nail on the head or what?

  • Here's a fact: Begin Again! Everytime you decide to do something for you DO IT! If you break promises to yourself who is it hurting. Hmmmm yet you don't want to let others down. Wait a minute! If you stay honest with you, you'll never have to worry about over extending yourself and you will create more time for others with zero effort.

  • * Everything you do for yourself helps create space to live a better life. Who in the heck said Life was easy. Well it can be! Setting boundaries and staying true to YOURSELF is a priority and not a selfish act.

So today I want you to Begin Again! Be honest with yourself and when you find yourself breaking promises to Yourself. Take a moment and Begin Again. Thank Yourself for noticing the cycle of behavior and with gratitude Begin Again.

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